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Recruitment policy

At Decathlon, customers and employees share a common passion: SPORT.

If you:

  • Have passion for sport
  • Vital
  • Responsible
  • Dynamic
  • Entrepreneur spirit
  • Ready to make decisions yourself in a responsible way

Job Description

  • Retail: Help customers, Restock, conduct inventory, e-commerce, Tills
  • Social Media: Interact with customers on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin
  • Sports Activities: Conduct initiations for your sport 

How to apply 

We recruit Sport, NOT Diploma. Acquired skills set is an added advantage.

Applications are done on our social media pages by commenting on any post with a picture of yourself doing sport. You then get an invitation for an interview

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In us, you’ll be working with a dynamic team of sports enthusiasts with whom you will share a common purpose: “to make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all”.With us, every new employee undergoes an integration program in which training plays a major role. This skills development process will continue throughout your career and will be adapted to your needs.